How To Prolong

The Life Of Bearing

There Are Many Reasons For Bearing Failure, But The Common Ones Are Incorrect Use,

Damage And Installation Error.

Laboratory Reactor
Purification / Concentration / Extraction Unit
Heating / Mixing / Emulsifying Tank Equipment
Fermentation Tank
Temperature Control System
Refrigeration Equipment
Vacuum Pump
Constant Temperature Heating / Common Instruments And Equipment
Fluid / Metering Delivery

Single Layer Glass Reactor

1-200L Heating / Stirring / Vacuum

Vacuum Emulsion Reactor

Emulsification / Vacuum / Stirring / Heating

Magnetic Autoclave

50-1000ML High Pressure 30Mpa

Laboratory Stainless Steel Reactor

Vacuum / Condensation / Collection / Heating

High Pressure Reactor

High Temperature / High Pressure / Toxic Reaction

Lifting Reactor

Pharmaceutical / Glue / Polymer Materials

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator

Automatic Lifting / Anti Corrosion Sealing

Rotary Evaporator

Manual Lifting / Anti Corrosion Sealing

Rotary Evaporator

Guide Rail Lifting / Anti Corrosion Sealing

Short-Path Molecular Distillation

High Boiling Point / Can Handle Difficult Separation Materials

Molecular Distillation Unit

High Vacuum Liquid Liquid Separation Technology

Thin Film Evaporator

Concentrated Overheated And

Easy To Decompose Feed Liquid

High Shear Emulsification And Mixing Equipment
It is used for emulsification and stirring of high viscosity products.
It is suitable for dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing
and mixing with high shear
Stainless Steel Reactor
We provide customized reactor for lab scale and pilot scale.
PLC automatic control
can be customized
Stainless Steel
Mixing Tank
It is used for mixing and mixing of materials. Explosion proof mixing is selected. Suitable for coating, paint, liquid medicine and cosmetics
Cosmetics Emulsification Production Equipment
Emulsifying machine is the equipment of high speed shearing, dispersing and mixing materials. It is used for
cosmetics cream materials.
Glass Fermentation
The capacity of 1-5l was used to optimize the fermentation medium and fermentation parameters.
Production And Fermentation Equipment
Food grade fermentation equipment, suitable for wine fermentation, mold fermentation, equipped with jacket
can be heated or cooled.
Biological Fermentor
Controllable parameters: temperature, speed, pH, do, flow, pressure, feeding, automatic defoaming, etc
Mechanical stirring fermentor
Medium selection, optimization of fermentation process parameters, validation of production process strains, education and training, etc.

Closed Heating And Cooling Temperature Control System

Supporting reaction kettle, providing -90-300℃ cold and heat source and temperature control, suitable for biological pharmaceutical laboratory and pilot production of reaction tank equipment.

Fast Air Cooled Circulator

Can provide high temperature 280℃ heat conduction, built-in circulating pump. The device is equipped with air-cooledcondensing system, which can quickly cool down and realize the control of reaction temperature.

High Temperature Circulating Bath

Provide high temperature solvent circulating liquid for the equipment, which is used for

heat transfer of tank equipment, and provide RT-280 ℃ high temperature control.

High Precision Low Temperature

Constant Temperature Bath

Provide high precision temperature control, maximum temperature control precision: ±0.001℃ ultra-high precision temperature control. It is suitable for testing, biological and chemical experiments with high temperature accuracy.

Low Temperature Constant Temperature Stirred Reactor

Temperature Range: - 40 ~ 99 ℃

Ultra Low Temperature Constant Temperature Stirred Tank

Temperature Range: - 20 ~ - 120 ℃

Closed Ultra Low

Temperature Circulator

Temperature Range: - 20 ~ - 120 ℃

Low Temperature Circulating Pump


Laboratory Freeze Dryer

-50 ℃ / - 80 ℃ Optional

Lifting Reactor

Pharmaceutical / Glue/ Polymer Materials

Magnetic Stirrer (Heating Plate)
Stepless speed regulation, low speed stable, high speed strong. Flame retardant reinforced PBT injection shell, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,
and good insulation performance.
Magnetic stirrer
(heating sleeve)
Heating with electric heating sleeve
has the characteristics of large heating area, uniform heating and fast heating, and the maximum temperature can reach 380 ° C.
Magnetic Stirrer (Heating Pot)
Intelligent temperature adjusting magnetic stirrer, 1-15L,
different capacity, heating,
stirring and mixing
Multi Station
Magnetic Stirrer
Five or ten beakers can work at the same time, can be heated, and can be controlled independently.
Oil Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
Teflon corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance. Suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical
and biological applications
Rotary Vane
Vacuum Pump
The pump is the basic equipment used to remove gas
from sealed container.
Circulating Water Vacuum Pump
It is suitable for Laboratory filtration, vacuum distillation
and rotary evaporator
Anticorrosion Metering Pump
Ultrasonic Cell Breaker
Cell Fragmentation / Lysis
Rotate / Digital Display / Apply 4
Microwave Chemical Reactor
The Maximum Operating Temperature Is 250 ° C
Constant Temperature Shaker / Vibrator
Timing Range: 0~999 Hours
High Speed / Low Speed / Large Capacity / Refrigeration
Box Type High Temperature Furnace / Muffle Furnace
Room Temperature +50~1200°C


Our Company Is Specialized In The Development And Customization Of Chemical Related Instruments. We Have Many Kinds Of Products And Many Manufacturing Bases In China. We Have Strong Ability Of Resource Integration And Processing And Manufacturing.

Our Products Are Suitable For Laboratory Research And Development, Pilot Reaction And Small-Scale Production, Providing Related Peripheral Supporting Products.

We Can Provide Customized Service According To The Process Requirements.

After Sales Service: The Instruments Sold Enjoy Quality Assurance And Professional Maintenance.


Service Tenet: Multi Cooperation, As Long As It Is Your Demand, We Will Try Our Best To Meet.

Product Customization: The Company Has More Than 20 Years Of Industry Experience Of Sales Engineers, To Provide You With Comprehensive Laboratory Configuration Scheme.

Brand Agent: Has a Number Of Brand Agents, Covering Biochemical, Life, Chemical Analysis And Other Fields.









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